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typography / книгопечатание, оформление
имя существительное
decor, formalization, typography, figuration, get-up
имя существительное
the style and appearance of printed matter.
It is more than a matter of typography and layout.
Currently, I am teaching graphic design and typography at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.
In 1963 he began making Concrete poetry, in which the physical appearance of the poem - its shape and typography - is regarded as part of its meaning.
The publishing industry survives despite the host of good design and bad typography emitting from the color printers of the world.
Mr. Pastor is a computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher by profession, with strong avocational interests in typography , page layout, and Web design.
I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great.
For many years he was closely connected with the Oxford University Press, which he advised on many matters of style, phonetics, spelling, and typography .
Headings are an important aspect of typography on the web (as well as in print).
That's understandable, too, since designers are using the same storytelling tools online - photographs, graphics, and typography - that they use in print.
Though out of date, it is still widely regarded as a paragon of clarity and accuracy for its definitions and etymologies and as a model of design, production, illustration, typography , paper, printing, and binding.
A condition for the varied and rich use of book content is therefore a separation of the semantic content structure of the book from formatting information for typography and layout.