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typo / опечатка, типографская ошибка, печатник
имя существительное
typo, misprint, literal, corrigendum, erratum, literal error
типографская ошибка
printer, typographer, pressman, typo
имя существительное
a typographical error.
I agree this is not simply a spelling error or typo .
I agree this is not simply a spelling error or typo .
Writing 6 pages a day is going to be hard enough to fit into my schedule without going back to edit every typo or syntax error.
Every time I read it I notice some error or clumsy language or typo or something.
Josh stared at the last line he had typed for a few seconds and then he realized what looked so wrong with what it said, not a spelling error or typo , no, he had said he would tell her his name.
If not, please don't be too critical of typos and mechanical errors.
Now I can see a shoddy organization like mine making typos and grammatical errors, but you would think that with all the experts in the world to their disposal that our government wouldn't screw this up.
A report presented at last weeks Borough Meeting, was described as " gobbledegook ", littered with typos , missing figures and bizarre asides between council officers.
Please excuse all of the many typos and punctuation errors that I know you'll find in this chapter, because I rushed to finish it for you guys tonight.
As always, please inform me of any errors or typos !
I'm apologizing ahead for typos n all other errors… I'll edit them sometime.