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typify / олицетворять, быть прообразом, служить типичным образцом
represent, personalize, personify, embody, impersonate, typify
быть прообразом
служить типичным образцом
be characteristic or a representative example of.
tough, low-lying vegetation typifies this arctic area
Although they are not necessarily the same from year to year, the characters deliberately typify the diversity of a campus setting.
These examples typify the difficulties that psychologists may experience with peer review and commentary.
The book is full of anecdotes and examples which typify the techniques of speaking clearly and calmly, matching breathing in order to slow it down, and offering comforting and reassuring suggestions.
What can you and the people you typify or represent do, in terms of leadership?
These three characteristics typify the political Islamism that has been forceful for so long in several of our countries of origin.
So the greatest examples will typify their time and take you back there.
I also think that Packer is right: blogs are indeed ‘atomized, fragmentary, and of the instant’ and those are characteristics that typify successful media of our time.
And you could probably typify both experiences as examples of the collective unconscious or race memory.
Steep topography, sparse vegetation, and infrequent but intense thunderstorms typify many flash-flood hazard areas.
This analysis helped to identify, clarify and describe skills that typify those needed to do this kind of work.