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typhoon / тайфун
имя существительное
имя существительное
a tropical storm in the region of the Indian or western Pacific oceans.
There has been an observed and recorded link between the sea surface temperature and the frequency and intensity of tropical storms, typhoons and hurricanes.
He complained that the community flooded every time a typhoon or tropical storm swept through Taoyuan.
Hurricanes, like their regional cousin a typhoon , both come from the family of tropical cyclones.
Well, there have been strong hurricanes and cyclones and typhoons in other parts of the world this year.
They said it's a " typhonic " wind.
Each year, the tropics are battered by up to 40 hurricanes, typhoons , and cyclones, while floods and landslides occur everywhere in numbers too great to keep track of.
Hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons , lightning storms, nothing was a match for what was experienced almost every night in our house.
Hurricanes, typhoons and tornados are commonplace.
They include delays caused by storms, typhoons and snowfall.
In other parts of the world, the same types of storms are called typhoons or cyclones.
Kobayashi said last month's deadly earthquake in the central region of Niigata and typhoons that hit western provinces would have dampened the figures.