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typecast / напечатанный материал
имя существительное
напечатанный материал
давать подходящую роль
assign (an actor or actress) repeatedly to the same type of role, as a result of the appropriateness of their appearance or previous success in such roles.
he tends to be typecast as the caring, intelligent male
Yet Ferdinand's art extends beyond the ‘gangstas' that to a degree have typecast him as an artist.
Although she later complained that she was typecast for writing about insanity, when she returned to this theme it gave her writing a sharp focus and brought vivid life to her fictional characters.
Tyrone Power, tired of being typecast in heroic pretty-boy roles, optioned William Lindsay Gresham's pitch black noir novel himself.
You do get typecast as an actor and I knew that this role appealed to me and would suit me.
I don't understand this fear of being typecast in gay roles.
The evidence should convert any jaded industry people that still typecast him as ‘that rock guy from Triumph.’
It's amazing that such a talented actor is so strongly typecast and can only secure sidekick roles.
So you want to show what he's done in the past, suggests where that might go in the future, and then also remind viewers of how wrong individuals have sometimes been when they tried to typecast a judge as a lower court member.
In some ways it typecast him - he was stuck with a particularly famous book.
Rawal, who has been actively involved in Gujarati and Hindi theatre since 1973, feels that the film industry has a tendency to typecast actors.