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type / тип, модель, разновидность
имя существительное
type, style, kind, class, nature, character
model, pattern, type, form, make, sample
species, variety, kind, variation, type, form
type, print, publish
print, type, run, imprint, machine, list
печатать на машинке
type, typewrite, write
имя существительное
a category of people or things having common characteristics.
this type of heather grows better in a drier habitat
a person or thing symbolizing or exemplifying the ideal or defining characteristics of something.
she characterized his witty sayings as the type of modern wisdom
printed characters or letters.
bold or italic type
a design on either side of a medal or coin.
a foreshadowing in the Old Testament of a person or event of the Christian tradition.
write (something) on a typewriter or computer by pressing the keys.
he typed out the second draft
determine the type to which (a person or their blood or tissue) belongs.
the kidney was typed
(forming adjectives) resembling or having the characteristics of a specified thing.
the dish-type radio telescope
It allows COs to compare their unit by such categories as aircraft type and community.
this type of heather grows better in a drier habitat
I'll not tolerate this type of behaviour
the dolphin is a conventional type of Christ
the first European printing of books began in 1454 with the invention of movable type
This is substantial dealing, putting you just one category below the maximum category for this type of offence.
she's the perfect type of lady
The style of winemaking is very much in the big and bold French Bordeaux type .
Parameters to which the model is sensitive are in bold type .
The tips are the same type of common sense platitudinous advice that columnists dispense on a regular basis.