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tympanum / тимпан, барабанная полость, барабанная перепонка
имя существительное
tympanum, frontal, lunette, timpano
барабанная полость
tympanum, barrel
барабанная перепонка
eardrum, tympanic membrane, drum, drumhead, tympanum
среднее ухо
имя существительное
the tympanic membrane or eardrum.
Males call not in choruses, but individually, though adults of both sexes appear to lack tympana (eardrums).
a vertical recessed triangular space forming the center of a pediment, typically decorated.
The cathedral of St-Etienne dates from the eleventh century but its north portal with its distinctive, well preserved tympanum depicting the Ascension instead of the more typical Last Judgement was carved in the next century.
The tympanum of turtles is supported by a deep quadrate emargination, and the stapes of turtles is slender because it must vibrate quickly to transmit the sounds from the tympanum to the middle ear.
The carvers at Kilpeck also linked the Tree of Life carved on the tympanum with identical foliage gushing from the Green Man on the capital directly below.
Some of the ornamental details, such as the projecting shell of the tympanum , are also found on case pieces made in Salem and Newburyport, Massachusetts.
In the Orthoptera (Grasshoppers and Crickets) tympanum are common.
The center doorway is decorated with an elegant tympanum border of marble carved with foliage.
Find the tympanum on the grasshopper.
That approach is limited to proceeding no further than the stimulation of sensory receptor sheets (retina, skin, taste buds, tympanum , olfactories).
Inserted as a tympanum into the skylight of the rear gallery, Red Brace involved LED ‘beams’ that gave the illusion of floating and moving up and down in space.
The paired auditory organ, the tympanum , is located on the first abdominal segment.
The typical insect tympanum is round or oval and membranous in appearance.