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two-way / двусторонний
имя прилагательное
bilateral, reversible, bipartite, reciprocal, bifacial, two-way
имя прилагательное
allowing or involving movement or communication in opposite directions.
a two-way radio
Communication is a two-way process, from board to world and company and in the other direction.
The two-way switches have the send and end keys as one of their functions and a soft key as another.
A choiceboard is a Web-based tool that allows for real-time, two-way interactions between companies and their customers.
The smugglers, too, have taken advantage of technology, particularly cell phones and two-way radios that allow them to avoid agents and arrange rides before landing.
But then there was light, and dimmer switches, and two-way switches, and sockets.
Since the electrical appliances can be operated with remote control, the need for two-way switches can be done away with.
Under the scheme, shopkeepers and staff are issued with two-way radios that enable them to track suspects around the town alerting the police to potential criminals.
One shop kept its pirated stock in a space above the ceiling, and clerks communicated with two-way radios to have them brought out for customers.
Researchers at the Koestler Unit think that vision may involve a two-way process, an inward movement of light and an outward projection of mental images.
With a two-way KVM switch, both client PCs can be in operation while sharing a single monitor.