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two-step / тустеп
имя существительное
имя существительное
a round dance with a sliding step in march or polka time.
Panico, the dancer from Naples who has been wrapping herself around Maradona's new body through tangos, waltzes, two-steps and cha-cha-chas, arrived in Argentina to learn that she and Diego had had their last dance.
Cyrio and Bartha were beginning to pick up the two-step .
Getting to the top that quickly through internal growth will be tougher than dancing the Texas two-step with your boots on backward.
Without the help of the songwriter credits, it'd be hard to glean what songs are the traditional folk standards and which are 50s country two-step .
For me Papa always reserved a rhythmic two-step to the strains of the beautiful old Bob Will's tune ‘Faded Love.’
Exiled clansmen and their ladies danced the eightsome reel, the military two-step and slow Scottish waltzes to the music of a bag-piper.
Their pace slowed as the fast waltz slowed to a two-step dance that didn't require much movement.
There were lots of tunes to do the two-step to with your sweetheart.
At least I didn't showcase my spastic version of a two-step or attempt to warble along with the Neville Brothers.
The whole town turns cowpoke - if you are going, best pack a Stetson and learn to dance the two-step .
Many bars and restaurants had dance floors and bands: fiddle, guitar, accordion, drums rattling out another infectious two-step or catering for the less energetic with a graceful waltz.