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two-sided / двусторонний
имя прилагательное
bilateral, reversible, bipartite, reciprocal, bifacial, two-sided
имя прилагательное
having two sides.
a colorful two-sided leaflet
[it] is multifaceted and two-sided : It involves sectors of economic, political and cultural life: the urban culture of violence is a synthesis of these facets, so it would be simplistic to reduce it to one of them.
The two-sided tragedy of liberalism is that it doesn't know its own limits, and neither does it know its own strength.
The headteacher said: ‘This is a two-sided thing.’
The new two-sided jersey enables the St George cross to be included in the reverse design.
VCI's DVD is a two-sided disc with each feature on a separate side and possessed of its own menu.
The leaflets, two-sided flyers containing computer-generated illustrations of various types of UXO and instructions on what to do if you encounter it, are being distributed to individuals of all ages.
The streak of white hair that he sports provides a bizarre touch that reflects the two-sided nature of the character's personality.
I see this heartfelt plea (all of it) repeated in different layouts in various corners of the two-sided sheet.
Suspended on wires attached to metal supports, 26 double-sided frames afford easy viewing of the artist's large, two-sided water-colors that illustrate scenes from his epic tales.
He appears in no fewer than 16 different photographs on his two-sided leaflet.