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two-piece / состоящий из двух частей
имя прилагательное
состоящий из двух частей
bipartite, dual, two-part, two-piece
имя прилагательное
denoting something consisting of two matching items.
a two-piece suit
имя существительное
a thing consisting of two matching parts, especially a suit or swimsuit.
Bathing suits are something else as well - the extravagantly colored two-pieces are joined by straps running up both sides.
But works of art cannot be displayed as mere illustrations of social issues, equivalents to bumper stickers, advertisements and two-piece swimsuits.
The bank was full of its usual wealthy clientele all of whom were, in large part, wearing fancy dresses or sharp, two-piece business suits.
Both women looked dry and comfortable in their custom-made skintight two-piece swimsuits.
Sculpted by the raking light, the bathers are russet and gold in the sun, vibrant in blue and red two-piece swimsuits, trunks, a maillot, absorbed in the folding of towels and blankets.
For business and other professional activities, men are expected to wear suits and ties, while women still adhere to a code that involves dresses or two-piece suits with skirts or skirts and blouses.
Contemporary reports from Mustique's white sands had her down as a royal prima donna insisting on protocol even while sipping cocktails in a two-piece .
Dressing for that was easy: a smart two-piece suit, matching hat and shoes; and the whole lot had to be worn for only a few hours, making pinching shoes and tight waistbands entirely bearable.
We just played Houston, and these Junior Boys fans showed up in these nylon track suits, these girls in this shiny two-piece getup.
It soon became apparent that he likes glittery things: he changed into a silver glitter two-piece suit and went through several glitter guitars.
Muslims in the north wear traditional long white robes and head coverings; Asian men wear white two-piece cotton suits, whereas Asian women dress in black or colored silk dresses.