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two-handed / для двоих, двуручный, свободно владеющий обеими руками
имя прилагательное
для двоих
свободно владеющий обеими руками
имя прилагательное
having, using, or requiring the use of two hands.
For a moment, he was tempted to draw the weapon in his holster and shoot two-handed .
Kids also did better on narrow bridges if they switched their method of holding the handrail during a crossing, such as going from a one-handed grip facing frontward to a two-handed grip facing sideways.
Held in a two-handed grip, the laminated blades slashed and parried at an incredible speed, meeting with abrupt smacks of wood on wood, but always under control.
They lunged at each other again, both wielding their swords two-handed .
A longer 7-foot blank and a two-handed grip provided more authority for the demanding drill of reaching out and covering water.
The dude, a little guy who had done nothing the entire game, took a two-handed set shot from three and banked it in, hard.
Without warning, Anubis stopped the blade, once again got a two-handed grip on it, and slashed it down at Set.
She did a little victory dance that ended in a two-handed high five between her and Will.
The grip frame has finger groves, and the front of the trigger guard is flat with horizontal serrations to facilitate a two-handed combat grip.
Someone should have told him that the two-handed pistol grip, as applied to every TV cop flick, is a post-war technique.
I grew up in the days of the two-handed set shot and was taught to square your shoulders to the basket in launching that shot.