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two-faced / двуличный, двуликий, лживый
имя прилагательное
duplicitous, ambidextrous, double, ambidexterous, ambidexter, two-faced
bifacial, two-faced
false, lying, deceitful, mendacious, sklent, two-faced
имя прилагательное
insincere and deceitful.
Ben went even further than Carlo, and openly accused the Queensland hairdresser of being a two-faced liar.
She loves me, I love her, and no lying, two-faced , pathetic slime-ball like you can change that!
Mired in allegations of financial irregularity during his time in government, which he has rejected as a Labour smear, he is one of the least favoured in the party membership, where he is regarded as, at best, hypocritical and two-faced .
I know this makes me sound two-faced but I guess it just goes to show what we would sacrifice when it comes to the people we love and that includes all our morals and standards.
Have you noticed that western journalists seem a little two-faced at times?
She had never been able to abide two-faced liars, and would have brought shame upon her good name had she ever employed someone whom she did not feel she could trust with her life.
I've got a two-faced ex-girlfriend, two backstabbing cousins, and a best friend who isn't a best friend.
It is also deeply unpleasant to realise that people can be so two-faced - sweetness and light in public, but dismissive and rude in private when out of earshot.
Well, if he is two-faced , self-centred, plausibly insincere, manipulative and insensitive… be concerned.
But on this matter of trade, conference, Europe is two-faced : demanding market opening from the poor, but practising protectionism to defend their own special interests.
Ministers and loyalist deputies praised the speech, but opponents suggested he was being two-faced .