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two-dimensional / двумерный, двухмерный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
having or appearing to have length and breadth but no depth.
For example, paper might appear to be two-dimensional because it is so thin.
In principle there are infinitely many three-dimensional forms that could correspond to a given two-dimensional perspective picture.
When people think of two-dimensional art, they usually think of work done in oil, watercolor, pastel or charcoal.
The simulations have evolved from two-dimensional models and solutions to three-dimensional ones.
The dialogue may be risible and the characters two-dimensional and shallow but, for a while at least, it doesn't matter.
We all think of a line segment as being one-dimensional, a square two-dimensional and a cube three-dimensional, but what does this really mean?
The envelope expresses texture and depth not through carving, but through two-dimensional patterns on the skin.
He is the phantom actor behind the self-consciously performative tics of his otherwise two-dimensional characters.
Unfortunately, this manipulation results in their coming off as the most two-dimensional characters.
They are largely two-dimensional , lacking psychological definition.
Byzantine art is often criticized as flat, two-dimensional , hieratic, and unchanging.