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twit / упрек, обалдуй, колкость
имя существительное
reproach, rebuke, reproof, twit, blame, admonition
barb, twit, jibe, dig, quip, sting
reproach, rebuke, chide, reprove, throw up, twit
reproach, objurgate, twit
mock, taunt, scoff, razz, sneer, twit
имя существительное
a silly or foolish person.
Both camps, according to White House insiders, are silly twits .
a state of nervous excitement.
we're in a twit about your visit
tease or taunt (someone), especially in a good-humored way.
This was young Gene Siskel, twitting his rival, later partner-rival, Ebert.
we're in a twit about your visit
her playmates could not twit her about her pigtail
And these twits think that it's heresy to be in favour of the free market or against the UN.
None of these twits have done anything that they claimed they would do.
Now most of them look like hippies gone wrong or aged twits clinging to their youth.
While I'd seen my fair share of mediocre upper middle-class twits leapfrog their contemporaries, I really believed that the results-driven media game was largely a meritocracy.
Now I've met enough pompous twits in my time to know one when I hear one.
He thought of them as the lowest of low in the class known as CTJN class, the ‘creeps, twits , jerks and nerds’ class.
Both camps, according to White House insiders, are silly twits .
So, don't dismiss tennis as a sport for hot Russian babes and upper-class twits only.