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twister / обманщик, смерч, торнадо
имя существительное
deceiver, fraud, trickster, impostor, cheat, twister
tornado, whirlwind, twister
tornado, twister
hurricane, whirlwind, storm, tornado, twister, willy-willy
имя существительное
a tornado.
Then, by reference to data from the original group of twisters , each tornado was assigned a Fujita scale rating, a path length over which damage would occur, and a path width.
she's a back-stabbing, double-dealing twister
Know that a tornado watch means a twister is possible in your area and that a tornado warning means it has already been sighted and may be headed your way.
Situated past East Arm in the southern part of the harbour, it was considered well protected from storm surges and the strong winds expected with the twister .
Unlike a hurricane - a tornado's big, long-lived and usually slow-moving meteorological cousin - a twister is small, brief, and fast moving.
With an average of one tornado every three years, it's the twister capital of the world.
Both yelled as they fought harder and the twister was gone like a breeze.
This tornado comes on the wake of a massive twister which struck the town of Jonesboro just a few hours ago.
This year, the country has been lucky: As of Aug. 1, only 473 twisters had struck the lower 48 states.
Scientists who chase dust devils report that the tiny twisters can produce a small magnetic field that changes magnitude between 3 and 30 times per second.
Watching silent twisters at a distance was far different from watching a giant roaring twister stalk them from less than three miles away.