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twirl / вертеть, крутить, вертеться
twirl, turn, spin, revolve, twist, twiddle
twist, spin, twirl, screw, twiddle, curl
twirl, turn, spin, pivot, revolve, rotate
имя существительное
twirl, flourish
rotation, turning, spin, revolution, roll, twirl
vortex, swirl, whirlwind, whirl, eddy, twirl
имя существительное
an act of spinning.
Kate did a twirl in front of the mirror
spin quickly and lightly around, especially repeatedly.
she twirled in delight to show off her new dress
She did one final twirl for herself in front of the mirror before smiling to herself again and walking to the door carefully in her tall black pump heels.
A quick twirl of the moustache and I'm off to The Pub, If I don't write again, have a very Happy Christmas.
Kate did a twirl in front of the mirror
He caught her out of her twirl and pulled her close to him in front of a camera, making them look like a couple before kissing her cheek, cameras flashing all the while.
Kate did a twirl in front of the mirror
With two hands she sipped the warm, filling chocolate and watched the heavy snowdrops from the clouds twirl down quickly to the ground.
I twirl and I spin and I stick one leg out of the water and pretend I am really graceful.
I ran to the kitchen, and I turned, and I did a complete twirl and fell against the wall.
I gave a modeling twirl , hair swishing about my shoulders as I turned.
Turning on her heel Sheasa did a twirl and stabbed the air.