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twine / шпагат, бечевка, шнурок
имя существительное
twine, split, packthread
twine, string, whipcord, hairline, packthread, tie
lace, string, cord, braid, tie, twine
twine, entwine, wreathe, enlace, enwind, twine about
twine, wreathe, enwind, twine about, twine round, clasp
twist, build, twine, lay, strand
имя существительное
strong thread or string consisting of two or more strands of hemp, cotton, or nylon twisted together.
An empty plastic 2 litre bottle is tied to a rock, or bag of stones with strong twine or string.
cause to wind or spiral round something.
she twined her arms around his neck
I go back and find some odd things like rope and natural jute twine packaged for the crafts market.
the plant will twine round its support
String twine or netting between wood poles to create a trellis; for maximum sun, it should run north to south.
Secure these with a raffia, string or green gardener's twine bow, before filling with your chosen arrangement.
A good fisherman weaves his own nets with twine and a needle made of whalebone.
Among these, Cuscuta contains at least 158 species that no longer possess leaves, but their stems twine around host plants producing numerous haustoria to obtain nutrients.
An empty plastic 2 litre bottle is tied to a rock, or bag of stones with strong twine or string.
The inch diameter 8-foot stakes, set 2 feet apart and leaning to the middle, are lashed together with twine near the top.
Bo watched the baler start to work, punching out leaf after leaf of what was to be a hay bale held together by twine .
And all I had to use for a bowstring was some cotton twine .