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twin / близнец, двойник, парная вещь
имя существительное
double, twin, counterpart, Doppelganger, fetch, similar
парная вещь
twin, doublet, fellow
имя прилагательное
double, dual, twin, binary, twofold, duplicate
double, twin, doubled, binary, geminate, reduplicated
pair, twin, double, companion, conjugate, sister
родить двойню
unite, connect, join, combine, put together, twin
имя прилагательное
forming, or being one of, a pair born at one birth.
she gave birth to twin boys
имя существительное
one of two children or animals born at the same birth.
Nearly 10,000 multiple births were recorded last year in the UK, and one in 35 children is now born as a twin , while triplet births have quadrupled in many countries.
something containing or consisting of two matching or corresponding parts, in particular.
link; combine.
the company twinned its core business of brewing with that of distilling
Soulmates are believed to be our ‘love match’, the other twin of our soul.
As it was, its thick grey walls and twin turrets gave it a look of defensibility, as though it were here despite the quiescent malice of the forest.
Her shrieking, wailing voice was the whisper of mortality piercing the ears like the banshee's own call, a twin to the driving terror that pierced the mind.
The recently launched Mercedes S-class could be a twin to BMW's 7-series.
twin sister
A major project will be taking place to twin the road between Exits 3 and 5.
It's easy, especially given the twin whammies of war and a tough economy, to surrender to despair about your prospects for improvement.
A standard twin or double room with breakfast will set you back around £150 per night, while executive suites are £220.
As I have mentioned, the Act had the twin objectives, in summary, of economic advancement and environmental protection.
Witnesses say they saw nothing-just a little boy and his twin sister playing at the sand part of the park while many other children ran around, screaming.