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twig / веточка, прут, прутик
имя существительное
sprig, twig, stick, ramule, palm
rod, twig, cane, stick, switch, wand
fashion, mode, vogue, style, craze, twig
understand, see, realize, comprehend, appreciate, twig
notice, note, observe, remark, detect, twig
watch, see, observe, oversee, supervise, twig
unravel, guess, decipher, puzzle out, unriddle, twig
имя существительное
a slender woody shoot growing from a branch or stem of a tree or shrub.
Sound wave vibrations are absorbed by leaves, branches and twigs of trees and shrubs.
understand or realize something.
it was amazing that Graham hadn't twigged before
She broke a twig from a nearby tree and began poking it into the soft ground in a desperate effort to busy herself.
On the left side of this specimen, this twig arose as a branch of the vertebral artery, the inferior thyroid artery being absent.
This small twig arises from the thoracic aorta near the right intercostobronchial artery.
Mac snapped a small twig from a tree branch and began slowly wandering around the clearing, twisting the stick in his fingers.
The only problem with these particular daffodils is their rather thin stems that tend to fall in strong winds or heavy rain and they are best planted with twiggy deciduous shrubs to provide support for their early flowers.
A large volume of soil can thus be sampled by analyzing appropriate parts of a tree, such as twigs , needles, leaves, or bark.
He twigged they wanted someone who'd appear to be ‘not that sort of chap’ to provide some much-needed grit in the mix and declined politely.
In flower-beds, stake tall perennials such as delphiniums and hollyhocks by using canes for individual flower stems or by pushing twiggy prunings from shrubs and trees into or around the clump.
Pruning applies mainly to busy, twiggy shrubs which produce a lot of new growth each year, particularly from ground level or near it.
What causes spots on a red twigged dogwood bush?