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twice / дважды, вдвое
twice, double, twofold, doubly
two times; on two occasions.
she had been married twice
Does this means that it's twice as safe to drive in areas with higher speed limits?
I'm twice your age
If last year's harvest was a disaster, this year's crop is going to be at least twice as bad.
Any time spent weeding this month will save twice as much time later in the season.
It will always take twice as long as you think in terms of effort, time and cost.
He had twice had injections of local anaesthetic because it had become so painful.
He sits down only twice , and takes very occasional sips from a single glass of water.
Be sure to clean out and fill the bird bath with fresh water twice a week in hot weather.
the tablets should be taken twice a day
If the average wage doubles, then we'll all have twice as much to spend on where we live.