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twerp / хам, грубиян
имя существительное
cad, lout, twerp, tyke, mucker, tike
curmudgeon, cad, churl, twerp, rough, chuff
имя существительное
a silly or annoying person.
He's just an annoying twerp who contributes nothing.
I felt a little sorry for him but all the twerp had to do was return a call.
There's never a constable around when you need one so the only recourse was that taken by the driver of a bus who sat thumping the horn repeatedly until the twerp came along to move and clear the jam.
He's just an annoying twerp who contributes nothing.
By all accounts, he's a bit of a loner, doesn't suffer fools gladly, is a bit of an obnoxious twerp , a shy, intelligent, social misfit.
But these twerps are just obscene, and they have no idea how tiresome it appears, and how boringly ordinary they all look.
Half of me said that I shouldn't be afraid of these little twerps .
Goya will obviously survive these twerps , whose names will be forgotten a few years from now.
These twerps were all nobodies last week and will be again by the end of the year.
Obviously, these twerps won't do the dirty work themselves.
Am I a cold-hearted fiend or are they just truly irritating little twerps ?