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twenty / двадцать
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
twentieth, twenty
the number equivalent to the product of two and ten; ten less than thirty; 20.
twenty or thirty years ago
He pulled a twenty from his pocket and pressed it into my palm.
However, I did not stick on a single photo of myself between the ages of ten and twenty .
As far as students are concerned, it is a harsh reality that for the last two years, summer vacation have lasted not more than twenty to thirty days, thanks to vacation classes.
it's twenty cm long
in year twenty
Nodding, he shrugs on his coat and plants a twenty on the tabletop.
You made your choice, and - as I assumed when I left home at the age of twenty - it was irrevocable.
a hundred minus twenty makes eighty
that's twenty of them
I read twenty of the stories