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twelve / двенадцать
имя существительное
двенадцать апостолов
equivalent to the product of three and four; two more than ten; 12.
he walked twelve miles
Well done to all three who made it to the final twelve in the nationwide event.
On the third occasion He sent the twelve on ahead by twos and followed after them.
We have twelve olive trees, four fig trees, one pomegranate and a couple of as-yet-unidentified trees.
The creatures were roughly six feet tall standing on all four legs, and could have been at least twelve feet long.
In order to tailor each course to your company's requirements, we plan to confine group sizes to between four and twelve participants.
there were twelve women
number twelve
In the hierarchy of local raja he was the most junior of the twelve in the Kei Islands, but he was able to approach the others and start a movement of customary reconciliation.
The other twelve were Iraqis but were not identified as such, a telling omission.
Unfortunately, those three came back at five past twelve .