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tweedy / твиди
имя прилагательное
(of a garment) made of tweed cloth.
a tweedy suit
In the living room, a tweedy wing chair (on deep discount from Ralph Lauren) and an antique chair (discarded from a fitting room) join a plan denim sofa.
Pass him on the street, and the first impression would be tweedy intellectual.
This is basically a voluminous, trapeze-cut jacket in a tweedy fabric, with kimono-shaped sleeves.
For some reason I always imagined the author to be some tweedy pipe smoking gentleman - so I was surprised to discover the author's name behind the initials - Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall!
When Iain turned up to meet me for the first time, he was wearing these odd, tweedy clothes and had long hair, which was very uncool for the era.
He has that old-fashioned chivalry that makes him wear a shirt and tie, and his tweedy jacket reminds me of one my dad used to wear.
This season, a floaty chiffon knee-length skirt paired with a Fair Isle sweater or a tweedy jacket will look extremely hip.
A child psychiatrist and the medical director of the CD-CP, he is tweedy and bearlike, with curly brown hair and a salt-and-pepper beard.
Never wear a matching two-piece tweed suit, but break it up by putting on a pair of baggy, mannish trousers or jeans with a pretty, shrunken, tweedy jacket.
Though he works for a fictional firm, the stature and trappings are old school, and his cohort of young associates all have the scrubbed and tweedy Harvard look about them.