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tweed / твид, костюм из твида
имя существительное
костюм из твида
tweeds, tweed
имя существительное
a rough-surfaced woolen cloth, typically of mixed flecked colors, originally produced in Scotland.
a tweed sports jacket
имя существительное
a river that rises in southeastern Scotland and flows east for 97 miles (155 km) before it crosses into northeastern England and enters the North Sea. Part of its lower course forms the border between Scotland and England.
In the 1920s the calf-length tweed skirt with a crêpe de chine blouse epitomised the British look.
Favouring tweed jackets and silk ties, Don Alvaro, as he was known, became for a while managing director of the family business.
Traditional homespun tweed trousers are still sometimes worn by Aran Islander men.
There aren't many rappers who can pull off an everyday wardrobe of tweed , turtle necks and tailored jackets.
This crisp striped tie will match perfectly with navy and gray suits, or light tweed suits.
In the cobbled backstreets mustachioed old men in tweed jackets and gaiters drive decorated carts at breakneck speeds.
Its inhabitants are grand old families more likely to be dressed in practical tweed suits than spangly synthetic crop tops.
Of course, as a librarian she must now rush off and buy lots of Laura Ashley print dresses, cardigans, and tweed suits.
The chilly night wind hits me hard and I shrink inside that same tweed coat from this morning.
Dressed in grey trousers, a black and grey patterned polo shirt, and complementary tweed sports jacket, he is short and stocky.