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tuxedo / смокинг
имя существительное
tuxedo, dinner jacket, tux, evening dress
имя существительное
a man's dinner jacket.
There were lots of blonde women in posh frocks and expensive-looking high heels and guys in dinner jackets or tuxedos or whatever you call them.
He numbly donned his tuxedo and then got the rest of himself ready.
He had already bought their tickets and rented a tuxedo and a limo.
He was facing the mirror fixing a black tie on his white tuxedo .
For this, I had to rent a tuxedo even though I already own two.
He wore a black tuxedo , ready for another King's Club party.
Resplendent in a white tuxedo , Mark returned from the punch bowl bearing refreshments.
The tuxedo jacket was gone, leaving just the damp cotton of his dress shirt.
He was wearing a black tuxedo with a tie.
On one pair, she added a velvet ribbon sewn down the legs to imitate tuxedo pants.
Shrugging, he picked up one of the frilly tuxedo shirts and held it up to himself.