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tuvalu / tuvalu
имя существительное
a country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean that consists of a group of nine main islands, formerly called the Ellice Islands; population 12,400 (est. 2009); capital, Funafuti; languages, English and Tuvaluan (both official).
Also in dispute are a number of small atolls, reefs and sandbanks, which Britain awarded to Kiribati (formerly the Gilbert Islands), but which Tuvaluans believe are rightfully theirs.
the capital of Tuvalu
New Zealand, on the other hand, amended an existing temporary-employment program to allow 75 Tuvaluans a year to apply for residence.
He said the number of scholarships for Tuvaluans was raised from two last year to three this year and ‘that it is expected by next year [the quota] could be raised to five.’
Many Tuvaluans are competent in Samoan, which functioned as the language of church and (to a lesser extent) government until recently, as well as Gilbertese, the dominant language of the colony for seven decades.
Droughts will afflict much of the world, with especially nasty thirst in store for the 1.3 billion people, including Tuvaluans , who currently lack adequate access to clean water.
That week, Tuvaluans would be voting on a new national government.
A Tuvaluan government official said: ‘Tuvalu should be allowed, as a sovereign nation, to make its independent decision on what is best for its people.’
After all, I'm a palagi, an outsider, and Tuvaluan courtesy dictates polite forbearance of my cluelessness.
The Australians attribute the unusual high tides that have been observed by some Tuvaluans to a natural tidal cycle in the region that repeats every 18.6 years and is yet to peak.