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tutu / пачка
имя существительное
pack, packet, tutu, package, sheaf, bunch
имя существительное
a female ballet dancer's costume consisting of a bodice and an attached skirt incorporating numerous layers of fabric, this being either short and stiff and projecting horizontally from the waist (the classical tutu ) or long, soft, and bell-shaped (the romantic tutu ).
Actually on that Thursday morning, approximately half of the tutus did arrive - bodices without any decoration, made for one dancer - and skirts for another.
Any opportunity to perform in something other than a tutu and pointe shoes is always fun.
By the end of that century, the ballerina's long tutu and the premier danseur's tights, trunks and maillot became de rigueur and virtually standardized.
They played with my old Barbie doll dressed in a tutu and another ballerina doll.
One would have also wished for live music in Oakland's only tutu ballet of the season, Balanchine's Pas de Trois (staged by Marina Eglevsky).
Besides, she says, not all of the students in the program can be - or want to be - ‘the ballerina in the pink tutu .’
The viewer is introduced to the programme with Guillem playing with the camera in sharp black and white dressed in a black tutu and pointe shoes.
The grand pas de deux was danced in white with red trim and while Kitri's costume was beautiful the stiff tutu lacked grace.
Far more chaste and with far fewer surprises up its stiff - starched tutu is Moscow City Ballet's Swan Lake.
I want a pink tutu and ballet shoes to match Barbie.
The only other distraught note was the occasional wrinkling seen in the tutu skirts.