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tutor / наставник, репетитор, опекун
имя существительное
mentor, tutor, preceptor, monitor, schoolmaster, edifier
tutor, coach, crammer, coacher
guardian, custodian, trustee, tutor, conservator, curator
teach, train, instruct, tutor, school, nurture
давать частные уроки
tutor, tutorize
брать уроки
имя существительное
a private teacher, typically one who teaches a single student or a very small group.
From 1743 he was a private tutor and school teacher until in 1748 he found a position as librarian of the collection of Imperial Count Heinrich von Bünau near Dresden.
act as a tutor to (a single student or a very small group).
his children were privately tutored
a voluntary tutor in adult literacy
Children expect and even ask the private tutor to do the homework for them.
After his primary education was completed, Vico served as a private tutor to the nephews of the bishop of Ischia.
After arriving in London he became a private tutor of mathematics, visiting the pupils whom he taught and also teaching in the coffee houses of London.
After being educated at home with a private tutor , who also taught the sons of Edward Young's first marriage, Alfred went to Monkton Combe school near Bath.
I have to tutor some freshmen in Spanish after school.
tutor to the Prince of Wales
He was probably a private tutor who taught the sons of gentlemen the virtues proper to the ruling class.
tutor groups
a private tutor