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tussock / кочка, кистехвост, дерновина
имя существительное
hillock, tussock, hassock, hubble
tussock, tussock-moth
имя существительное
a small area of grass that is thicker or longer than the grass growing around it.
Between the tussocks of grass grew purple heather and tufted bog cotton, which were used in the old days for pillows and mattresses.
a woodland moth whose adults and brightly colored caterpillars both bear tufts of irritant hairs. The caterpillars can be a pest of trees, damaging fruit and stripping leaves.
This land growing mainly tussock is old goldmining country and heaps of tailings are evidence of the earlier presence of the miners who must have rejoiced to slake their thirst at the Cardrona Hotel built in 1870.
Firstly, it's the morning that I happen to severely sprain my ankle, landing badly on a tussock of grass as I trot downhill from my tent to the river below.
He hid inside a tussock of oat grass and watched as the fine thatched house rose up beside the water-hole.
The nest is usually located on top of a low mound or small island, under a small shrub or in a sedge tussock .
We're surrounded by tussock sedge, alder, jewelweed, skunk cabbage and swamp rose.
Allow natural colonization or seed tussocky grasses such as cocksfoot and Yorkshire fog.
A large part of the study area was a bed of Carex tussocks , in which C. appropinquata was the dominant species.
If a bird needs to eat the flies which thrive on uncut grass tussocks , then regular cutting of the grass for silage is going to be a problem.
Scant tundra grass tussocks have been pulled and lay in rows.
The path leads through open zones of tussocky grasses, silver birches, and woods, honeysuckle swarms up the pines.