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tussle / борьба, драка
имя существительное
struggle, fight, fighting, battle, wrestling, tussle
fight, fighting, fray, scuffle, tussle, scrimmage
fight, struggle, combat, deal, contend, tussle
fight, spar, brawl, scuffle, bicker, tussle
имя существительное
a vigorous struggle or scuffle, typically in order to obtain or achieve something.
there was a tussle for the ball
engage in a vigorous struggle or scuffle.
the demonstrators tussled with police
Ready for launch over two months ago, the opening was put off due to the ongoing tussle in the local film industry.
The game progressed with players pushing vigorously to outdo each other in a tussle for ball possession.
Almost anonymous in the tussle between the two Australians, was the battle for bronze.
They had won the seemingly impossible battle without even a tussle .
there was a tussle for the ball
A man who tried to stop a thief from making off with a stolen digital projector sustained cuts and bruises to his head when he was knocked down in a tussle .
there was a tussle for the ball
As the match progressed the tussle for a goal advantage continued but Pioneers were content with a well deserved draw.
In a sign of things to come, there were a few clashes at half time, when the occasional tussle flamed up in the tunnel to the dressing rooms.
He believed the linesman misinterpreted what was an innocent entanglement after a tussle for the ball.