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turtleneck / свитер с высоким воротом
имя существительное
свитер с высоким воротом
turtleneck, turtleneck sweater
имя прилагательное
с высоким воротом
имя существительное
a high, close-fitting, turned-over collar on a garment, typically a shirt or sweater.
a turtleneck sweater
His ‘chic beatnik’ look - a black leather jacket, knit turtleneck , high boots - is a street favourite today.
Then she scratched at the woolen turtleneck that made her shoulders itch slightly.
My mother's face was flushed from the roots of her hair, to the collar of her turtleneck shirt.
He sat on it again, wearing a normal turtleneck shirt and jeans this time.
Clothing worn from home (eg, undershirts, turtleneck shirts) should be contained completely within or covered by the surgical attire.
I changed into a pair of black jeans and a white turtleneck tee shirt.
a turtleneck sweater
She went to her wardrobe and changed her top to a loose turtleneck blouse, to keep her warm.
He always has a black hat and often a black turtleneck sweater.
Match these with anything from a navy turtleneck to a black button-down shirt, or even with a shirt in the brown family.