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turret / турель, башенка, револьверная головка
имя существительное
turret, cupola
turret, pepperbox, mirador
револьверная головка
имя существительное
a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.
Many grotesque gargoyles with mysterious ochre stains around their mouths littered the castle's turrets and corners leering down at her.
a mollusk with a long, slender, pointed spiral shell, typically brightly colored and living in tropical seas.
Multiple-grating turrets allow two or more gratings to be mounted on a turret and rotated into position when needed.
He went to the tallest turret of the castle and surveyed his land.
A new feature of the tank is that the fitted modular special armour covers the turret .
As soon as Jack finished, Sam rushed out to the main laser turret .
I immediately tried to swivel the turret , but it was no use.
Opportunity moved her arm into position, rotating the turret to aim the microscopic imager down toward the patch.
Then he describes a house up by the watertower, a grand and mysterious place that looks out over a gorge, and has an actual castle wall with a turret .
The Humvee rolled to a light stop on the curb, allowing James time to jump onto the rear turret .
Immediately, Will rotated the turret to face his rear and destroyed the tank using his cannon.
Curious children clamber over the tank's turret , only to get shouted at by the men.