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turpitude / низость, порочность, подлость
имя существительное
baseness, meanness, turpitude, infamy, abjection, rottenness
depravity, perversity, viciousness, turpitude, deformity, perverseness
meanness, villainy, infamy, vileness, dirty trick, turpitude
имя существительное
depravity; wickedness.
acts of moral turpitude
The errors that Dan made were not of moral turpitude but of human fallibility.
She is also law abiding, yet is made to feel like a ‘professional beggar’ or someone ‘who has been convicted of a felony, or other crime or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude .’
Some insiders consider this to be moral turpitude on my part.
The investigating committee is unaware of any conduct by either professor that could reasonably be construed as involving moral turpitude .
Only when such destruction threatens to derail the stock market and discredit the entire New Economy does the moral turpitude of top management become an issue.
That was my crime of moral turpitude, which as crimes of moral turpitude go I don't think is too bad.
For years, this was a handy picture of ‘official’ moral turpitude , as defined by the Code.
Individuals convicted on charges of corruption, moral turpitude or misuse of power would also be barred from serving as a member of the parliament or the four provincial assemblies.
The journalist responsible for the article was put on trial in Argentina and accused of moral turpitude .
As I start to wonder about the legitimacy of the test, Alain becomes altogether more aggressive, demanding what I plan to do about the advanced state of misery and moral turpitude in which I have found myself.