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turntable / проигрыватель, поворотный круг, диск
имя существительное
turntable, gramophone, record-player
поворотный круг
disk, disc, dial, blade, discus, turntable
имя существительное
a circular revolving plate supporting a phonograph record as it is played.
We've got three men armed with turntables , a cassette recorder, percussion, a bass guitar, and a busted CD player all beating each other up for attention.
Typically, he will cover a turntable in glitter or a loudspeaker in a tight-fitting sequined tank top, thus rendering each object quite unable to function.
I put the record on his turntable , and you could see the opening string parts really got to him.
He spun the chair around to face the turntable and knocked the tonearm with his hand.
No.892 has cleared the turntable and is moving down past the station to pick up its loads for the northbound mixed.
Out of nowhere James appeared with a turntable and a record already in place.
It was planned to build a two-stall engine house with a turntable at Dundalk, but it was not to happen.
If you have a hi-fi turntable and a record that jumps, place a one cent coin on top of the stylus arm.
If you want to hear what shaped the sound of the rookie Red Hot Chili Peppers, put that record on the turntable .
The turntable remained in use to turn diesels.
Later when she had gotten the two boys down for the night she went back into the living room and put the record on the turntable .