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turnstile / турникет, крестовина
имя существительное
turnstile, tourniquet, wicket, stile
cross, cross-piece, spider, frog, crossing, turnstile
имя существительное
a mechanical gate consisting of revolving horizontal arms fixed to a vertical post, allowing only one person at a time to pass through.
An estimated 150,000 commuters passed through its turnstiles every day, many of them on their way to work on Wall Street.
An usher had approached her and offered her a free pass through the turnstile for $100.
An acoustic bass struggles to pass through the turnstile .
Home fans in that area will only be allowed to use turnstiles W3 to W10 and must buy their tickets in advance.
Fewer people through the turnstiles means less money to spend on players, leading to poorer performances and results, and yet lower crowds.
At the local football club the floodlights, turnstiles , ticket machines and showers in the changing rooms are all linked to the sun.
There are two queues for the turnstiles at gate three, one from the north and one from the south.
Problems with their turnstiles Rangers may have had yesterday, but sending Dundee into a spin present no obvious difficulties.
Not only had admission prices soared to 20 euros but you couldn't get anywhere near the turnstiles to pay.
The club will be selling tickets to alleviate congestion on the turnstiles and once again the ground will be segregated into four different areas.
For this season's league games, the Bootham Crescent turnstiles click, on average, a mere 2,600 times.