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turnover / оборот, опрокидывание, текучесть рабочей силы
имя существительное
turnover, turn, revolution, rev, turnaround, phrase
tilting, capsize, turnover, upset, tumbling, tripping
текучесть рабочей силы
имя существительное
the amount of money taken by a business in a particular period.
a turnover approaching $4 million
the rate at which employees leave a workforce and are replaced.
One former employee said that the company had expanded way ahead of its requirements and had a high staff turnover because of employee dissatisfaction.
a small pie made by folding a piece of pastry over on itself to enclose a sweet filling.
an apple turnover
(in a game) a loss of possession of the ball to the opposing team.
The team has committed 10 turnovers in the two games but won somehow.
Sometimes the dessert tray even yields a true rarity - apple pie worth eating, here folded into honest turnover form.
Staff turnover is low, with several employees having served for more than 25 years.
an apple turnover
Employee turnover rates appeared to hold steady through 2002, the restaurant association says.
In these firms' U.S. and Canadian operations, employment relations are typically far less stable, with much more frequent turnover of staff.
Sometimes shops cut prices in the interest of increased turnover .
Staff turnover has remained fairly low, fostering the program's capacity to develop lasting relationships with parents and children.
It is one of the fastest growing beer brands in the UK, with a current turnover of £65 million at retail value.
high staff turnover left the program with too many young instructors
With a high turnover of staff in restaurants, the system excels by being simple to use.