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turnout / забастовка, выпуск, выезд
имя существительное
strike, turnout, walkout, stoppage
issue, edition, output, issuance, outlet, turnout
departure, exit, equipage, turnout, rig
имя существительное
the number of people attending or taking part in an event, especially the number of people voting in an election.
He predicted a high turnout at the general election.
a turn in a road.
At a turnout by the road skirting the bay, I got out.
a carriage or other horse-drawn vehicle with its horse or horses.
the way in which a person or thing is equipped or dressed.
his turnout was exceedingly elegant
the ability to rotate the legs outward at the hips.
A physical therapist or orthopedist can evaluate your natural turnout by manipulating your hip joints in the passive position.
The voter turnout of this election was at 60 percent.
More than 10 million Floridians are eligible to vote and all the signs pointed to a high turnout , election officials said, reflecting the mood in the rest of the country.
Election turnout was 62 percent of registered voters, up some 5 percent from the 2000 state election.
his turnout was exceedingly elegant
With three strong candidates in the running, many backroom organizers are predicting a heavy turnout for the election.
In Germany, general election voter turnout on Sundays is traditionally well above 80%.
After a look at his turnout , she decided to take him on, provided he would commit to six hours a day in the studio.
The last general election saw the lowest turnout since universal suffrage was introduced.
This year's federal election had a turnout of only some 60 per cent of eligible voters.
Remember, the turnout at the general election two years ago was just 59 percent.