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turnkey / тюремщик, надзиратель
имя существительное
jailer, gaoler, turnkey, warder, screw, locksman
overseer, warden, supervisor, inspector, turnkey, censor
имя прилагательное
полностью готовый
сдаваемый под ключ
имя существительное
a jailer.
In 1843 the gaol had a governor, two turnkeys and two guards but no matron for female prisoners until 1850 when the second stage of the gaol was completed.
имя прилагательное
of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.
turnkey systems for telecommunications customers
They are still out there, but are looking for reasonably priced properties in turnkey condition.
The units will be built in two blocks and will be provided in turnkey condition and fully furnished.
The house is in turnkey condition and is approached via a gravel drive accessed through double hardwood timber gates.
Wizard's premiere product, the CMC, is a complete turnkey system for computerized mat cutting.
It comes to the market in turnkey condition and will be auctioned on March 25.
The property also has the advantage of being in turnkey condition.
People either wanted them in need of refurbishment or in turnkey condition, and they were being chased by three or four people in the auction room.
Interest should extend to those seeking a spacious family home with larger than normal gardens within commuting distance of the city and in turnkey condition.
They launched a turnkey service for publishing and subscribing to podcasts.
She attributed the premium price paid for Crystal Lodge to the fact that it was in turnkey condition.