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turning / поворотный, токарный, вращающийся
имя прилагательное
turning, swivel, swinging, revolving, turnable
rotating, rotational, revolving, swivel, turning, rotative
имя существительное
turn, rotation, turning, twist, swing, turnabout
conversion, transformation, turning, converting, transform, transition
rotation, turning, spin, revolution, roll, twirl
имя существительное
a place where a road branches off another.
take the first turning on the right
the action or skill of using a lathe.
move or cause to move in a circular direction wholly or partly around an axis or point.
the big wheel was turning
change in nature, state, form, or color; become.
Emmeline turned pale
start doing or becoming involved with.
in 1939 he turned to films in earnest
shape (something) on a lathe.
the faceplate is turned rather than cast
A new turning and drop-off area for traffic outside the school gates is to be provided as part of the overall scheme.
He took the last turning before the road that led to the school, and smacked straight into someone.
Police said the man drove towards her home in Beeston, but deliberately took a wrong turning along Moor Road.
Although there was still a way to go, he began instinctively to search for the turning which led to the track running from the road to the house.
She pointed to the controlled crossing in the Bath road near the Manton turning which had proved a great success.
take the first turning on the right
Through the steamed-up windows I could see that we were driving along Moor Lane, but that we had missed our usual turning and were heading towards the ring road.
take the first turning on the right
Sherry's just taken a wrong turning into a very dead end.
By law, cars are not supposed to park within 50m of the turning into Northdown Road but this is ignored and nobody ever puts the law into action.