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turnaround / оборот, изменение, оборачиваемость
имя существительное
turnover, turn, revolution, rev, turnaround, phrase
change, variation, modification, alteration, shift, turnaround
имя существительное
an abrupt or unexpected change, especially one that results in a more favorable situation.
it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes
the process of completing or the time needed to complete a task, especially one involving receiving something, processing it, and sending it out again.
a seven-day turnaround
a space for vehicles to turn around in, especially one at the end of a driveway or dead-end street.
Already a new hard standing area for lorry turnarounds has been laid at Rolawn's Elvington headquarters where the York depot will be based.
a seven-day turnaround
it was a remarkable turnaround in his fortunes
Much of the turnaround was the result of a new focus on marketing.
In one month you could be seeing a huge turnaround in your marketing and the results of your efforts.
All that changed however, with the turnaround at half-time.
The result was a turnaround of €45m since last year and ended three successive years of escalating losses, which threatened the future of the company.
As I stepped off the plane, the ground crew rushed in, handling freight and luggage in anticipation of the quick turnaround .
It would also need to cut aircraft turnaround times at airports - another key tactic used to devastating effect by its low-cost competitors.
There was only the limousine, disappearing once more around the corner of the estate wall toward the turnaround .
RTE says the turnaround time is a fraction of a second.