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turgid / напыщенный, опухший, высокопарный
имя прилагательное
pompous, bombastic, stilted, turgid, highfalutin, flatulent
turgid, gummy, tumefied, dropsical
stilted, bombastic, grandiloquent, pompous, sonorous, turgid
имя прилагательное
swollen and distended or congested.
a turgid and fast-moving river
The style is rather turgid , and the author is so wrapped up in ‘discourse theory’ that he loses sight of the issues themselves.
Last month more than 35,000 salmon died in the Klamath River, smothered by low flows and turgid waters.
Much of what passes for architectural writing, particularly in academia, is turgid and stilted.
The pace was surprisingly quick considering some of the turgid stuff played in Ebdon's previous match, although the 30-year-old had promised to play a more open game against the fourth seed.
They eschew narrative, write in turgid , jargon-ridden prose and concentrate on micro-topics instead of the big picture.
The majority of them are written in a boring, turgid style.
The book has its tedious and turgid passages, but the work is held together by a genuine sense of protest, first of all, against the brutality and irrationality of the penal system.
Pale sunlight filters through the trees that overhang the water's edge, throwing veiled patches of gold onto the turgid brown river where cattle drink under the watchful eye of a young herdsman.
They might think it sounds horribly self-important, turgid , avant-garde and inaccessible.
The river is a brown, turgid worm as broad as a peaty salmon-spawn stream.