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turf / дерн, торф, беговая дорожка
имя существительное
turf, sod, divot, greensward, sward
peat, turf
беговая дорожка
running track, racetrack, tread, track, running path, turf
hurl out, turf, fling out, kick downstairs, turf out
имя существительное
grass and the surface layer of earth held together by its roots.
they walked across the springy turf
horse racing or racecourses generally.
he spent his money gambling on the turf
an area regarded as someone's personal territory; one's home ground.
the team will play Canada on their home turf this summer
force (someone) to leave somewhere.
they were turfed off the bus
cover (a patch of ground) with turf.
a turfed lawn
we're in similar businesses but we cover different turf
In his previous effort, Funfair won the Troy Stakes on August 20 at Saratoga Race Course over yielding turf .
the team will play Canada on their home turf this summer
Sixty pigs, which Landis moves frequently to provide them with fresh turf , root around in a wide lot.
The all-weather surface comprises artificial turf laid onto a rubber composite material, giving a realistic feel.
each turf was cut and stacked
She has five wins from 14 career starts and has won three of six races on the turf .
Lawn care depends on whether your turf is made up of warm- or cool-Season grasses.
Photograph your stunt in progress and upload to the site to claim your turf .
Scholars engaged in this battle argue that they are not only protecting their academic turf , but preserving the life of their discipline.