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tureen / супница, миска, супник
имя существительное
bowl, dish, basin, tureen, pan, pipkin
имя существительное
a deep covered dish from which soup is served.
Spoon some shellfish meat and vegetables into six small soup tureens and cover with some of the bisque.
Last night in Central Market while I waited for one of the ‘foodies’ to refill the beef and barley soup tureen I watched two immaculately suited and coifed little old ladies dole out broccoli and cheese soup.
The platter held a tureen in the shape of a wild boar's head.
A few minutes later, a silver tureen was set in front of me.
The fish are rapidly boiled in an aromatic broth and are removed to a platter; the broth is served in a tureen .
Moments later Pamela was struggling with a heavy tureen into the dining room, doing her best to appear to make light of the burden.
Still doubtful, Meybodi grabbed a piece of fruit from a wooden tureen sitting on the nearby coffee table.
The top price in the sale is likely to be achieved by his stylish Hukin and Heath electroplated soup tureen and cover circa 1880.
Kit grinned, and pulled a tureen of brown liquid toward her.
The tureen of gazpacho was perfectly chilled, with a smooth texture and refreshing tomato and cucumber flavours.
The casual tabletop setting features a soup tureen as a container for potted plants.