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turboprop / турбовинтовой
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
турбовинтовой двигатель
turboprop, propeller turbine
турбовинтовой самолет
имя существительное
a jet engine in which a turbine is used to drive a propeller.
Its engines consist of four turboprops with contrarotating propellers located on the wings.
Even the shared-ownership turboprop fleet is expected to increase by some 60 aircraft in the next five years.
It was a twin-engine turboprop attack aircraft built for counterinsurgency work.
Buying a turboprop aircraft as a backup is ‘a possibility,’ according to Famin.
Tilt rotors are a unique type of aircraft that possess the take-off, hover and landing capabilities of a conventional helicopter with the range and speed of a turboprop aircraft.
The new turboprop aircraft is the company's fourth aircraft and will replace the Shorts 360 that has served the route since its launch in January 2001.
A high powered, single engine turboprop aircraft normally requires extensive rudder control by the pilot, and most trainee pilots graduate to jet aircraft where engine torque is not a factor.
For transport, the air force has thirty-two turboprop CC - 130 Hercules aircraft.
Created from modified Thunderstreak airframes, two XF - 84Hs were built to test the concept of a turboprop fighter.
This notwithstanding, Novikov succeeded to preserve the long-range aviation and re-equip it with strategic turboprop and jet bombers of the day.
This type of powerplant was ideal for lower performance aircraft that could substitute their piston engines for the turboprop .