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turbo / турбо-
имя существительное
a motor vehicle equipped with a turbocharger.
If you think this is no more than a VW Phaeton with twin turbos and a longer wheelbase, you're missing the point.
having or driven by a turbine.
The turbo engine gives competitive pace, but a little more money buys the sonorous V5 version.
Its gentle whistle sounds like a tempest tumbling madly through a turbo .
The turbo simply refused to wake up and as a result there was absolutely no power at all.
Plus, the steering simply could not cope with the car's erratically delivered turbo power.
ABS is standard on all turbo and SE 2.3 models
The turbo for example can be enhanced to improve combustion without restricting airflow, allowing the engine to burn fuel more fully and efficiently.
If the vehicle is fitted with a turbo or super charger, over fuelling may be the cause.
With 136 bhp the car lacks power - a turbo version is coming-but more disappointing is the light, inconsistent steering.
The turbo gives great mid-range flexibility.
Power doesn't hit hard like a turbo , it just whooshes in as the revs climb quickly.