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turbid / мутный, густой, туманный
имя прилагательное
turbid, cloudy, muddy, roily, feculent, thick
thick, dense, bushy, heavy, rich, turbid
fog, foggy, misty, hazy, dim, turbid
имя прилагательное
(of a liquid) cloudy, opaque, or thick with suspended matter.
the turbid estuary
But after mechanical fishing dredges destroyed the oyster reefs early in the 20th Century, the water became increasingly turbid and oxygen deficient.
During these times it is easier to see fish than at times when the water is more turbulent and turbid .
When the water flows out it is warm but often turbid .
Visual signals are also used in aquatic environments, however turbid water reduces visibility very rapidly and may adversely effect visual communication.
The swamp itself was muddy, turbid , and infested with biting gnats and mosquitoes.
They bravely endured these tempests and continued to fight valiantly across the turbid depths to reach their goal…
If you put it in a glass, you can see it's turbid .
Although they prefer clear, fresh running water, they seasonally adapt to turbid water caused by runoff and flooding during the rainy season.
He and the wise men went before the rest to scout the place, and suddenly, he saw a joyless woods leaning over turbid and bloody water.
Bullheads and catfish are often associated with muddy, turbid waterbodies, and thus many people have a low opinion of them.