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tunnel / туннель, тоннель, штольня
имя существительное
tunnel, subway, sub
gallery, tunnel, adit, level, grove
прокладывать тоннель
имя существительное
an artificial underground passage, especially one built through a hill or under a building, road, or river.
New roads and tunnels have been built and public transport modernised.
dig or force a passage underground or through something.
he tunneled under the fence
(of a particle) pass through a potential barrier.
By making the particles interact, they approximated quantum tunneling - a phenomenon forbidden by classical mechanics.
It burrows a tunnel far into a sandy bank on the riverside and dwells therein, safe from cold, wind, rain and creatures that would devour it.
If you tunnel underground and travel in a straight line, you cover less distance.
We have a toll road here that goes through a tunnel under the river.
One of the Turkey players stood in the tunnel and, gesturing to me, ran his fingers across his throat as if he wanted to cut it.
A tunnel closed and the road was down to two lanes.
Termites are usually happy to tunnel through a sand-filled tube, but when a layer of sand soaked in catnip oil is present it stops them dead in their tracks.
Small mounds are created when moles burrow deep or tunnel under solid objects such as tree roots or sidewalks.
The winning consortium is likely also to take over the running of the Dartford tunnel and road bridge that carries the M25 over the Thames east of London.
In Frankfurt the players are in the tunnel .
Local villagers cut a tunnel road through the mountain and named it Guoliang Cave.