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tunic / туника, мундир, китель
имя существительное
coat, tunic
tunic, coat
имя существительное
a loose garment, typically sleeveless and reaching to the wearer's knees, as worn in ancient Greece and Rome.
This garment was a wool or linen tunic reaching the knee, with baggy, elbow length sleeves and side slits up to the waist to allow free movement.
a close-fitting short coat as part of a uniform, especially a police or military uniform.
All school aged children from both public and private schools are required to wear a uniform, usually a tunic with a white blouse wore underneath.
an integument or membrane enclosing or lining an organ or part.
Wearing a blue tunic with white under shirt and long black pants, he was a head higher than Hika.
It had been a while since he had worn anything but the heavy grey pants, white tunic and navy half coat that made up his uniform.
I sagged into his arms as he held me close, hands smoothing over the tunic and trousers I wore.
I folded my tunic and skirt and set them off to the side.
She was rinsing her wet hands on a white skirt, and her tunic was caked in flour.
Out of his jester's uniform, he was wearing a black tunic over dark blue trousers, as well as a huge smile across his pretty face.
He was dressed in silver tunic with silvery blue trousers, shirt and veil.
She finishes washing and dresses promptly in an active attire of trousers and tunic instead of a gown.
The threatened uniform typically consists of a khaki military tunic with trousers, though in Scottish regiments the trousers are usually tartan or replaced by a kilt.
The epaulettes on the choker tunic of his black naval uniform bore the four stripes of his rank.